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The human spirit comes forth when a commitment is made to a common vision that transcends the self and is pursued with passion.

Insight Sport

Audio interviews that look at the inner aspects of sport culture, and how they affect us personally, socially, internationally. Click here
Current Program:  The Mis-Training of the American Teacher, with guest Professor Arthur Levine

See The Arete School in Programs & Services about the creation of a tuition-free, privately-funded, sport and wellness-based school that will be a model for transforming America's public-school system.

See Pilgrimage about how you can raise funds to help create a sport and physical activity-based school—The Arete School of Sport Culture and Wellness—by participating in a workout activity you enjoy.  Help transform America’s public schools through sport and physical activity!

See Assembly Hearing in Programs & Services on ASI's presentation to the California Assembly Education Committee on what needs to happen in California's schools for students to be engaged, find meaning, and be fulfilled.

See Education Forum in Programs & Services for information about the first-ever forum on the role of sport in educational reform.


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